Monitor Your Systems With the Reliability of FirstNet

FirstNet is the nationwide public safety broadband network dedicated to first responders and the utilities that support the communities they serve. FirstNet provides a dedicated cellular band for tanks, wet wells, pump and lift station control systems that rely on critical connectivity. Get remote monitoring and control from any FirstNet enabled device with FirstNet priority to operational assets utilizing the FirstNet network. Deployables augment coverage by reaching areas not covered or where networks have been impacted.

As a water or utilities operator, you can utilize the same priority and preemption as first responders. So, when disasters strike, your service priority can be elevated as you restore resources to the community. 


Reliability Refined:

  • Dedicated cellular band 14 means no throttling anywhere in the country
  • Geographical redundancy
  • Government accountability
  • Managed Services with skilled support and troubleshoot personnel
  • Online ticket support with LEC’s SolveIT
  • Precommissioned hardware for optimized deployments
  • All connections are logged and monitored and attacks/malicious traffic are dropped in real time 24/7/365

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