River Road Utility District - Ashland City, TN

Uninterrupted Connectivity and Real-Time Monitoring

In the realm of utility management, real-time data is paramount. Imagine a world where every parameter crucial to your system’s performance is at your fingertips, eliminating the need for manual checks and site visits. Welcome to the future with Signals by SET.

Project Overview:

This telemetry upgrade project focused on boosting communication efficiency and providing seamless access to critical data. It included a booster station and two remote tanks, ensuring the utility could receive alerts and real-time data from their system.


The Challenge: Unreliable Communications and Manual Checks

River Road UD’s legacy telemetry system had been plagued by communication issues, forcing them to manually check multiple parameters from the booster station and visit sites numerous times a day. This not only consumed valuable resources but also jeopardized the efficiency of their operations.

Advanced RTU Panels for Seamless Connectivity:

Signals by SET delivered a new RTU panel at the booster station and at each tank, setting a new standard for system control. These panels leverage cellular connectivity through LEC’s private network via FirstNet, AT&T’s first responder network. This ensures not only reliable connectivity but also the security and resilience needed for critical utility operations.

Real-Time Visibility through iQ2 Platform:

With Signals by SET, every parameter from the booster station is now at their fingertips in real-time. From clearwell levels, high service pump status, pressure, and flow to chlorine residual, station entry, and tank levels – they can monitor them all through the intuitive iQ2 platform. River Road Utility is now able to gain instant insights into its system’s health and performance with unparalleled clarity.

Actionable Data for Informed Decision-Making:

This upgrade doesn’t just provide data – it makes it actionable. Now, the parameters monitored by the RTU panels are not only visible in real-time but also trigger alarms and notifications when they matter most. This proactive approach ensures that River Road UD is informed and can take immediate action in response to changing system conditions.

Key Advantages of Signals by SET:

FirstNet Connectivity

Enjoy the reliability and security of FirstNet, AT&T’s first responder network, ensuring that your critical data is transmitted seamlessly and securely.

Comprehensive Parameter Monitoring

From clearwell levels to station entry status, monitor every aspect of your system in real-time, providing a holistic view of your operations.

Actionable Alarms

Receive timely alarms when parameters deviate from the norm, allowing you to proactively address issues before they escalate.

iQ2 Platform

Navigate and analyze your system data effortlessly through the user-friendly iQ2 platform, designed for intuitive operation and quick decision-making.

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